photo of different berry containers at farmers market

Berry display at Montreal’s Jean Talon Market

I don’t know about you but one of the first places I visit when I’m travelling is a farmers market. It allows me to discover the produce that are in season when I’m visiting and to see them in their raw form. I also love discussing with the vendors who are usually more than eager to talk about their culinary culture.

This is why I decided to start doing tours of the Jean Talon Market a few years ago. These tours are ideal for visitors to Montreal but also for locals who want to know where the best of everything is as it can get overwhelming to shop at the market.

The Jean Talon Market is Montreal’s largest farmers market and the biggest open air market in North America. It also just happens to be my corner store and a place that I frequent a few times a week. On any given day during a tour, we may visit a cheese monger, a smoked fish producer, an artisanal bakery, an ice cream parlour, a forager’s stand, a chef’s stall, and quite a few fruit and vegetable vendors.

Produce display at Montreal's Jean Talon Market

Produce display at Montreal’s Jean Talon Market

On these two hour tours, we explore the Jean Talon Market with stops at some of my favourite stalls and stores where we do some tastings and have one-on-one conversations with the vendors about their products. I’ll tell you about the market’s and the neighbourhood’s history and will share some insights and recommendations on the Montreal food scene. You’ll also be able to buy some edible gifts or produce to cook with while you stay in Montreal. Come hungry!

Contact me and we’ll set up your tour of the market!