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At the helm in the kitchen of this brand new spot in Montreal’s Saint-Henri’s neighbourhood are two chefs who met back in 2008 at the now defunct DNA. Chefs Sophie Ouellet and Peter Saunders – as well as Claudie Harvey, who takes care of the front of the house – are the three young partners behind EVOO Cuisine Soignée.

brunch evoo montreal

Homemade NutellOO – so delicious!

brunch montreal

Gaspor pulled pork with maple syrup, French toast, pork crackling and beer foam

montreal best brunch

Homemade granola and goat’s milk yogurt with dehydrated Quebec strawberries

I was there for brunch a couple of weeks ago and was so happily surprised by my experience. Although the decor and the name might not necessarily be my cup of tea, these are easily dismissed when the (many) plates we ordered started arriving.

If I have one thing to recommend, it would be to start with the homemade NutellOO which is silky smooth, a lot less oily than its commercial counterpart and absolutely fantastic! I could have only for breakfast and I would be happy but there are so many other tantalizing dishes to try on EVOO’s menu.

My main dish was pulled Gaspor pork sandwiched between two layers of French toast with maple syrup, pork crackling and a beer foam. I don’t really like beer so the beer foam didn’t quite do it for me but the rest of the dish was delicious, although a bit heavy. This would be a good dish to share which would allow you to try the many other delicious things on the menu, like the homemade granola with homemade goat’s milk yogurt from Monsieur Petit and warm Gaudreau honey. EVOO’s team strives to use “ingredients sourced both locally and seasonally and to work with small production farmers located in and around the Montreal area.” As some of you may recall, I am a huge granola fan. I make a big batch of it every week and I am very picky about it. This is very good granola and the dehydrated strawberries add a touch of sweetness, acidity and whimsy to the dish.

Montreal saint henri brunch

The full Irish: Gaspor sausage, fried egg, blood sausage, marinated piglet liver, Colcannon, tomato & grilled soda bread

montreal brunch evoo

Homemade scone with strawberries

If you are more a bacon and egg kind of person, then the full Irish will satisfy you. Inspired by chef Saunders Irish heritage, this is man food at its best. Extra points for the melt-in-your-mouth marinated piglet liver, which is not something you see on a breakfast plate in a lot of restaurants.

We finished off our breakfast with a little “dessert”. The homemade scone is one of the best I’ve ever tasted, warm, flaky and oh-s0-buttery. It comes with homemade cream and strawberry jam and is the perfect sweet note to end the meal on.

I left EVOO thinking that if brunch is this good, I can only imagine what dinner must be like and I cannot wait to go back.

EVOO Cuisine Soignée
3426 Notre Dame Street West
514 846 3886

Opening Hours:
Wednesday – Saturday: 6pm – 10:30 pm

Saturday: 10am – 2pm
Sunday: 10am – 3pm
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