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Montreal’s Jean-Talon Market

As I have said again and again, Montreal’s Jean-Talon Market is my corner store and my favourite one in town. I live a couple of blocks from it and I visit it almost daily in the summer, as you can see on my Instagram feed. There’s nothing I love more than wandering among the colourful stands and chatting with the vendors. I usually go during the week when the market is more quiet and purveyors have more time to chat. I also give the occasional market tour if ever you’re visiting Montreal or just want to get to know the market better.

There are a few new stands this summer at the market. They are all concentrated in the market’s “Allée Verte” or Green Alley (Alley #3 on this map of the market). Most are young entrepreneurs who are venturing out with their unique product for the first time so go day hi the next time you’re at the market (note that most are closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays).

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A colourful display of garnished grilled flatbreads from Les Têtes Carrées {photo © Les Têtes Carrées}

Below are the new stands at Montreal’s Jean-Talon Market:

Les Têtes Carrées: Joshua Lauridsen was a cook at Garde Manger who has decided to venture out on his own. He makes grilled flat breads with a variety of toppings, some inspired by Montreal neighbourhoods (Le Park Ex is a grilled butter chicken marvel) and others by the market’s seasonal produce. The asparagus, garlic flower and fresh homemade ricotta one available right now is delicious! The homemade lemonades are also a must, in the classic format or the seasonal flavour like rhubarb or strawberry.

Choco supérieur has been around since 1985 but is new to the market. They make handcrafted gelato from fresh ingredients and use Quebec products (berries, maple) as much as possible. They cut out the middle man as much as possible by importing coffee beans for example and roasting them themselves. I really enjoyed their moka flavour with notes of coffee and chocolate.

Kipik is a new artisanal hot sauce hand crafted using a family recipe from the Reunion Island. The sauce is flavoured with lemon juice, oil, ginger, shallots and hot peppers and comes in three different heat levels.


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Jarz’ scrumptious and satisfying salads in jars {photo © Jarz}

Jarz: The mother and daughter team at Jarz prepare wholesome, vegan and gluten free salads in, you guessed it, jars. Each salad contains a slew of fresh veggies and is rich in vegetable protein, vitamins and minerals. They’re healthy, yes, but also delicious and hearty and are the perfect lunch or light dinner! The dressing is packaged in a separate container nestled inside the jar. I’ve tasted their potato salad with a classic balsamic dressing and can’t wait to try the others.

Le parrain de la mer hails from the Gaspésie peninsula of northern Quebec where they operated a food truck by the same name. They sell homemade, ready-to-eat seafood dishes such as seafood pizze, stuffed coquilles St-Jacques and seafood mousse. They also sell frozen seafood including lobster meat cooked in sea water. deliveries from Gaspésie are made twice a week to guarantee the freshness of the ingredients.

Mamba is a spicy peanut butter based on a traditional Haitian recipe. It comes in three levels of heat from mild to extra spicy and is absolutely delicious! I got a sample of this fiery treat via my Lufa basket recently and was glad to see them at the market. If you like an extra kick with your morning toast or afternoon snack, this is the spread for you.

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Gruo’s lovely homemade granola {photo © Gruo}

Gruo is a cold and hot cereal counter selling hand crafted granola and oatmeal. I’m a self-proclaimed granola addict and I usually make my own (recipe here) because I find the commercial ones too sweet. Grub’s granolas are really good though. I bought a bag of their fig and coconut one and have tasted their banana bread granola sweetened with real banana puree and it’s also delicious.

Other new business in this particular alley of Montreal’s Jean-Talon Market include the Fromagerie du Vieux Saint-François, a family-run goat farm that produces delectable goat cheeses, Ferment Passion and its many fermented products including kombucha, tempeh and soy yogurt, Spécialité de Belgique with its Belgian or Liège waffles made to order and Domaine Labranche with its maple syrup, cidres, wines and maple alcoholic beverages such as maple wines.

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