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Le Mousso’s beautiful plates {photo © Le Mousso}

Are you finding it hard to keep up with restaurant openings in Montreal? I am and I eat out more often than the average person!  I always keep a list of restaurants and coffee shops I want to try and it keeps getting longer. Here’s what I have on it right now.

Le Mousso (open since September)
Chef Antonin Mousseau-Rivard hails from a family of singers, actors and painters and is no less of an artist himself, choosing cooking as his outlet. I’ve been following him on Instagram for a while–even before his restaurant opened–and his plates are stunning and reminiscent of contemporary art pieces in their minimalism and sophistication. I need to visit soon!

Lattuca Barbecue (open since September)
An authentic southern style barbecue joint, Lattuca Barbecue is helmed by pitmaster John Lattuca and serves up all your favourites from smoked chicken to what has been dubbed as the best brisket in town. I was invited to try it but couldn’t make it but I can’t wait to go soon!

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Gaspésie lobster roll at Chez Jerry {photo © Chez Jerry}

Chez Jerry (open since October)
Chez Jerry is a “casse-croûte du terroir” by Jérôme Ferrer, one of the most celebrated chefs in Montréal. It serves well made, traditional Québécois comfort food such as burgers, poutine, fish & chips, chicken nuggets and lobster rolls.

Chambre à part (open since December)
Chambre à part is restaurant La Fabrique’s newly opened baby sister. It has a more feminine and elegant approach to décor and food, complete with floral patterns adorning the walls and plates. Everyone who’s been has loved it and I need to make my way there soon.

henrietta bar mile end montreal © Will Travel for Food

Bar Henrietta in the Mile End {photo © Bar Henrietta}

Bar Henrietta (open since December)
The owners of Balsam Inn, Whisky Café and Dominion Square Tavern have opened up Henrietta, a Portuguese-inspired tavern located in the old Bar Baldwin space on Laurier Street West. I know these guys are good at creating great eateries and bars and I can’t wait to try Henrietta and its upscale bar food.

M.Mme (open since January)
Chef Stelio Perombelon is back at the helm of an impressive new wine bar on Laurier Street West. M.Mme’s cellar takes up the length of the restaurant and counts over 600 bottles! I am a fan of chef Perombelon’s and am looking forward to tasting it again.

jellyfish restaurant downtown montreal © Will Travel for Food

Jellyfish crudo+charbon in downtown Montreal {photo © Jellyfish}

Jellyfish crudo + charbon (open since November)
The duality between raw and charred dishes reigns supreme at this new Old Montreal restaurant. The immense windows, high ceilings, beautiful shimmering chandeliers and central bar create a stunning décor and set the stage for the creative menu.

Adamo (open since September)
Campanelli in Saint-Henri is famous for its coffee and sandwiches (their meatball sandwich is on my list of Montreal’s best sandwiches!). Last September, owner Tony Campanelli opened Adamo, a new pizzeria serving New York-style pizza by the slice and for take-out. New York-style pizza, in Montreal, how exciting is that?

Foxy (open since November)
20 years after opening one of my favourite Montreal eateries–Old Montreal’s Olive + Gourmando–Dyan Solomon and Eric Girard are at it again with the instantly successful Foxy. Other than salads, everything at Foxy, from flatbreads to meat and fish, is cooked in a wood-burning oven. I’ve heard conflicting accounts but I can’t wait to go try it for myself.

Some of the newer restaurants I’ve tried and already written about include Candide as well as Fiorellino, Luciano, Hoogan & Beaufort and Petite Maison, which are all mentioned in my last Current Crush.

Which restaurants are on your list to try soon? Share in a comment below so I may add them to my ever growing list.

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