NOTE: Please note that Restaurant Biron is now closed unfortunately.

I just got back from Restaurant Biron‘s 5 à 7 to introduce their new summer menu. It was a great evening filled with a lot of food bloggers and delicious bites. I’ll let you savor the pictures below.

Tomato, parmesan and truffle brochettes

Refreshing iceberg and panko salads

Kobe beef tongue and calamari (yes, I ate tongue!)

Gorgeous mackerel and cucumber maki rolls

Mini Kobe burgers - my favourite bite!

Veal sweetbreads with ginger and homemade kimchi - my 2nd favourite bite!

Chef David Biron

Tea and coconut macarons and chocolate truffles

I will be a guest chef at the 3rd BIRONnerie on July 6. Two other amateur-chefs and I will be in the kitchen with Chef Biron and his team to prepare a 5-course meal for all the guests! Make sure to come by to taste what we will be coming up with, I am certain it will be a memorable meal!

Restaurant Biron
1429, rue Amherst
514 528 1429

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