… (yes, yes it’s in the works!) but for now, I will be using this platform to share this trip (and maybe some more) with whoever wants to read about it. I am leaving tomorrow for London where I will be attending Food Blogger Connect! Can you feel my excitement?? I am very much looking forward to it and to meeting all the wonderful bloggers I have come to know through Twitter! So expect lots of pics of food, pics of some of your favourite food bloggers, pics of food bloggers taking pictures of food, well, you get the idea. FBC will be happening this weekend, Friday night to Sunday so stay tuned!

I will also be going to Copenhagen after London. Did you know that the latest Michelin guide has awarded 13 stars to Copenhagen?? More than Rome, Milan, Amsterdam and Vienna and just about as many as Madrid and Berlin. Copenhagen also has the number one restaurant in the world Noma. I doubt I will be able to get in since they got over 100,000 reservation requests the day after they were voted number one but that won’t stop me from trying! Very looking forward to Copenhagen! And to seeing a high-school friend of mine that I haven’t seen in 20 years!! Who just happens to be a foodie AND a coffee snob just like me! How lucky can I get?

So if you want to follow me on this food-centric adventure, stay tuned, lots of pics of food to be posted here for sure 🙂

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