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A couple of months ago, I received an invitation to take part in a 2-day culinary trip around Quebec city and its surroundings with a few fellow bloggers from Montreal and Quebec, courtesy of Le Parcours Gourmand. Le Parcours Gourmand is an association that groups 53 businesses all having to do with food. From farms to bakeries, vineyards, chocolate makers and so much more, Le Parcours Gourmand will allow you to map out your very own gourmet route through the Portneuf, Côte-de-Beaupré, Îles d’Orléans, Jacques Cartier and Charlevoix areas of Quebec.

On October 12, Andrea, Christelle and I set off from Montreal in our spiffy RV to meet up with Catherine, Catherine, Francis and Julien to start our gourmet tour.

Day 1:

parcours gourmand quebec

One of the first stops of the weekend: coffee & pastry tasting and chocolate making!

Our first stop was lunch at Angelus Bistro in Deschambault, where the owner’s passion for using local products was contagious and so apparent with every word coming out of his mouth. Almost everything on the menu comes from producers in the Portneuf area. We sampled some of the bistro’s most popular items accompanied by local wine and beer. After lunch, we went next door for coffee and dessert to a spot shared by La P’tite brûlerie and Julie Vachon Chocolats. When I embarked on this trip, I was wrongly convinced that I would probably not have a good cup of coffee for a couple of days. La P’tite brûlerie was the first spot to prove me wrong. The fair-trade coffee is chosen carefully by the owner and roasted on the spot. We sampled some coffees of different origins paired up with some of Julie Vachon’s chocolates and confections. A little truffle dipping lesson ended this stop on a sweet note.

quebec wine region

Domaine des 3 moulins, one of my favourite stops of the weekend

Our next stop was as equally enchanting as dunking truffles in ganache. Domaine des Trois Moulins in Neuville is a gorgeous spot especially since it had donned its most magical autumn colours to welcome us. The vineyards is tucked away in a beautiful valley which we were looking down at from the vantage point of the wine making – and tasting – facilities. I fell in love with this peaceful little corner of paradise which was one of my favourite stops of the weekend.

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Station touristique Duchesnay

Our final stop that day was the Station Touristique Duchesnay where we were spending the night. A surprise was in store for us when we arrived: we would be going for a Segway ride in the forest! After a short lesson in how to maneuver the beast, we were off zigging and zagging like pros along a trail in the forest. Just as we were about to take off, there was a massive storm of snow flurries, the first of the season. It only lasted a few minutes but it was enough to dust the forest floor with a light, airy white blanket which made the ride even more magical, even if it was a tad too cold for my taste. It was just so much fun and I wanted to go again and again! However, the end of the day was approaching and after checking into our rooms with breathtaking views at Auberge Duchesnay, we settled for some fine cuisine from Bistro Le Quatre-Temps.

Day 2 was a long – long! – day of eating and drinking that almost did me in, and I can eat! So tune in tomorrow for all the details!


People, spots & activities I fell in love with on Day 1:


To get an idea of our tour, check out the Google map I made with all the different stops of our weekend.

Le Parcours Gourmand does not provide transport but is more of a portal allowing you to discover some delicious stops on your visit to the Portneuf, Côte-de-Beaupré, Îles d’Orléans, Jacques Cartier and Charlevoix areas of Quebec. It also allows you to map out your gourmet route using their interactive map. Most of the businesses and artisans we stopped at will give free tours as well as tastings of their products. Please call ahead and let them know you’re coming. Also note that most of these businesses are closed in the winter.

If you need more info or if you have questions:
You can also email our guide Bruno-Clément at [email protected]

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