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Manitoba’s regional cuisine {photo © Alison Slattery}

Food lovers rejoice! MTLàTABLE is coming back for an 8th edition November 1 to 13, 2019! The 150 participating restaurants will offer a three-course, $23, $33 or $43 set-price dinner menu. Just like last year, Québec’s terroir and wealth of products will be celebrated again this year with a starring role on each restaurant’s menu. Brunches are also back this year with 22 restaurants offering a 3-course, $17 brunch menu. And finally, for the first time this year, 7 fine dining establishments will be offering 5-course (or more!) $83 Signature Events mainly composed of Québec products for 2 to 4 evenings only, from Sunday to Wednesday, from November 1st to the 13th.

MTLàTABLE is a great opportunity for all food-lovers to go on a discovery of a collection of Montréal restaurants at a wallet-friendly price. I know choosing from 150 restaurants can be daunting so to make it easier, I’ve listed 12 of my favourite participating restaurants below.

1. Manitoba ($43 dinner)

Chef Simon Mathys’ cuisine is strictly regional and based on whatever is in season at the moment. Dining at Manitoba is akin to going on a discovery of new products that grow right here in Quebec but that you probably have never heard of. The Manitoba dining room is also one of my favourites in Montreal and I would gladly move in if they let me.

MTLàTABLE best restaurants 2019 | © Will Travel for Food

Le St-Urbain elegant market cuisine {photo © Alison Slattery}

2. Le St-Urbain ($43 dinner)

I clearly don’t go to Le St-Urbain often enough. It is one of the best restaurants in Montreal and the few times that I have been, I have been blown away by the experience. The modern market cuisine is flawless, the wine list impeccable and the service irreproachable. Their MTLàTABLE menu is more elaborate than most and I would definitely have a hard time picking among all the delicious dishes.

3. Madre ($33 dinner, 2 locations)

Peruvian cuisine is world-renowned and it is one of my favourites. I’ve been known to say that I could eat ceviche every day of my life without ever getting fed up. Madre, a Montreal homegrown Nuevo Latino restaurant from chef Mario Navarrette Jr., serves Peruvian comfort food (just like your madre would make) and features local Quebec products like squash and Arctic char. Book your table now at one of the two Madre locations.

MTLàTABLE best restaurants 2019 | © Will Travel for Food

Hoogan et Beaufort is one of my favourites in Montreal

4. Hoogan et Beaufort ($17 brunch and $43 dinner)

I absolutely adore Hoogan & Beaufort and I have never had a bad meal there. The light-flooded dining room with its 30-foot wood beam ceiling is chic yet cozy and centered around a wrap around bar and an open fire pit. Chef Marc-André Jetté’s cuisine is elegant and his plating just stunning. Hoogan & Beaufort will be serving brunch and dinner for MTLàTABLE so you have no excuse not to go. Really, you should go to both and order the charred focaccia at each meal.

MTLàTABLE best restaurants 2019 | © Will Travel for Food

Great pizza at Moleskine {photo © Dominique Lafond}

5. Moleskine ($33 dinner)

Located in a beautiful double height space with an industrial chic décor on Parc Avenue, Moleskine’s upstairs dining room is cozy and trendy. The cuisine is market based with a definite Italian influence. Tuck into a Québec buffalo mozzarella appetizer or enjoy their Tiramisu as part of the Caca0 Barry challenge. Oh and pair that with some of their excellent natural wines. This restaurant is Pullman’s sister spot and the wine list is outstanding. Pullman is also participating in MTLàTABLE.

MTLàTABLE best restaurants 2019 | © Will Travel for Food

Le Petit Mousso’s playful cuisine {photo © Le Mousso}

6. Le Petit Mousso ($43 dinner)

Le Petit Mousso is Le Mousso’s younger sibling and shares the same avant-garde, daring and playful cuisine as his older brother. Each dish is a work of art and delights the eyes as well as the palate. Although the Petit Mousso menu is not out yet, I would book a table anyway because it is sure to be a memorable experience.

7. La Chronique ($43 dinner)

One of Montréal’s finest tables that has been a regular on the MTLàTABLE roster for a few years. This is your chance to take advantage of this festival to indulge in La Chronique’s elegant dining room, flawless service and exquisite French cuisine. I always order the foie gras extra because no one in Montreal does foie gras like La Chronique.

8. Restaurant Su ($17 brunch and $23 dinner)

If Verdun’s Restaurant Su wasn’t on the other side of town, I’d probably be there twice a week. Chef Fisun Ercan’s sunny cuisine is authentic, delightful and elegant and dining at Su is akin to taking a culinary voyage to Turkey. I love feasting on hot and cold mezes or tucking into a traditional Turkish dish. You can pair your meal with one if the exceptional Turkish wines Su carries and always end your dining experience with a cup of thick Turkish coffee.

MTLàTABLE best restaurants 2019 | © Will Travel for Food

The best Italian cuisine at Impasto

9. Impasto ($43 dinner)

If you’re a fan of Italian cuisine, you’re in luck because Impasto, one of the city’s best Italian restaurants, is participating in MTLàTABLE. And what’s even better is that their famous, light-as-air ricotta gnocchi are on the menu, along with their housemate salumi (charcuterie).

10. Chez Victoire ($33 dinner)

Dining at Chez Victoire is always a great idea. The quintessential Plateau Mont-Royal restaurant is trendy, friendly and quite delicious. Whether I’m craving comfort food or fine dining, chef Alexandre Gosselin’s cuisine is always a hit and sommelière Sindie Goineau’s wine pairings are always on point. The ambiance is always so lively and even more so during MTLàTABLE.

11. Cœur de loup ($33 dinner)

I have been very curious to try this new restaurant that opened not long ago in my neighbourhood. Cœur de loup is a casual French bistro dipped in the chef’s Italian roots and featuring Québec’s seasonal ingredients. This results in dishes such as the tartiflette with guanciale and Oka cheese or the pissalidière with ricotta salata, both part of their MTLàTABLE menu.

MTLàTABLE best restaurants 2019 | © Will Travel for Food

Le Beau Mont’s beautiful dishes {photo © Ulysse Lemerise}

12. Beau Mont ($43 dinner)

Toqué! is not participating in MTLàTABLE this year. Instead, Beau Mont, the latest establishment from the Toqué! group, is making its appearance for the first time. Toqué! and Beau Mont chef Normand Laprise has championed Québec’s small purveyors for the past 3 decades and his restaurants are all phenomenal dining experiences. Dining at Beau Mont for MTLàTABLE promises to be just as exquisite.

I also highly recommend Restaurant de l’ITHQ, Foxy, Tapeo, Un po di più, Chasse Galerie, Kitchen Galerie, La récolte espace local and Pullman.



The nice people at Tourisme Montréal are giving one of you vouchers to enjoy a dinner for 2 at Hoogan et Beaufort! All you have to do is leave me a message below, comment on my MTLàTABLE Facebook post or my MTLàTABLE Instagram post and tell me who you would take to dinner with you. I will draw a name among all participants and will announce a winner on Tuesday October 22nd. Good luck!

MTLàTABLE best restaurants 2019 | © Will Travel for Food

Le Beau Mont’s chic space {photo © Ulysse Lemerise}

Book your dinner or brunch table (or tables) now since they tend to fill up very quickly. How many MTLàTABLE meals do you think you can eat in 12 days?

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