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Iced Vietnamese coffee at Cafeden

A version of this article was first written for Tourisme Montréal

Nothing says summer to me like an ice-cold coffee drink. Whether you prefer a cold brew made by steeping coffee grounds in cold water overnight or a classic latte made by topping a freshly brewed espresso with cold milk and ice cubes, iced coffee drinks take over Montreal’s cafés come summer time. Last year, I wrote an article on some of my favourite iced coffees in Montreal. Although some are repeated here, below are a few very cool iced coffee treats for you to try this season–if summer ever decides to make an appearance.

Vietnamese cold coffee at Cafeden

If you’ve never tried Vietnamese coffee, you’re missing out! Cafeden is an excellent Vietnamese restaurant and not a café per say but their coffee is worth the detour and they do offer it to go. Hot espresso is poured over some condensed milk; ice is then added and the result is a sweet and refreshing drink you will come to crave.

Coffee milkshake at Monsieur Crémeux

The Monsieur Crémeux ice cream truck no longer needs any introduction to Montreal icy treat lovers. Their new brick-and-mortar spot on Beaubien Street serves a coffee milkshake made by mixing their excellent vanilla ice cream with milk and a housemade coffee syrup for a thick and caffeine-laden treat.

Perfect storm at Caffè San Simeon

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Perfect storm at Caffè San Simeon

The signature iced coffee at Caffè San Simeon is the “perfect storm”, which begins with filling an “old school” glass with lightly sweetened espresso slush and topping it with warm, perfectly frothed micro milk foam which creates a “perfect storm” inside the glass. Perfetto!

Tonic coffee at Café Melbourne

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A refreshing tonic coffee at Café Melbourne

Coffee tonic, the latest craze in coffee drinks, has finally touched down in Montreal at Café Melbourne. It is really as simple as it sounds: the perfect pairing of a shot of espresso with tonic water. The result is a citrusy, refreshing drink with a bitter aftertaste that is easy to drink, especially on a hot summer day.

Slushy iced latte at Café Vito

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A slushy iced latte at Café Vito

Café Vito’s iced lattes start by making a large quantity of lightly sweetened espresso that’s then refrigerated overnight before getting transferred to a slush machine where the constant churning refrigerates the brew and forms ice crystals. A little of this potent mix is then served in a tall glass topped with cold milk for a perfect caffeine-filled drink.

Affogato at Disptach Coffee

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Affogato at Dispatch Coffee {photo © Dispatch Coffee}

Dispatch Coffee’s icy treat is their very own version of an affogato, the Italian dessert, which consists of pouring a hot espresso shot over ice cream. The ice cream in this case is housemade and contains chicory and condensed milk, making it reminiscent of a Vietnamese coffee. Dispatch also serves an excellent cold brew which they bottle and sell in concentrate format for you to enjoy at home.

Iced latte with espesso mousse at La Cornetteria

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Airy and light espesso mousse on iced latte at La Cornetteria {photo © La Cornetteria}

La Cornetteria tops its iced latte with espesso, an “edible coffee” recipe developed by Ferran Adria for Lavazza (La Cornetteria uses Lavazza coffee beans). The coffee espuma is light and airy and a coffee lover’s dream. You can eat it with a spoon while sipping on your latte or stir it in. Either way, this iced treat is one of the most unique ones in Montreal!

Classic iced latte at Lili & Oli

A great take on a classic is welcome and comforting on a smoldering summer day and Lili & Oli have perfected their iced latte to the point that I am willing to head all the way across town for a refreshing drink.

Cold brew at Café Myriade

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Cold brew at Café Myriade

The Café Myriade cold brew coffee is steeped for 12 hours then poured over ice. The brew is acidic and complex and carries fruity undertones with a slight earthy finale. It tastes more like a complex tea than coffee. You can also order an iced latte at Myriade, which will be made by pouring their excellent espresso over ice and adding milk.

Malted cold brew at Café 8 oz.

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The malted iced coffee at Café 8 oz., with and without milk added {photo © Café 8 oz.}

Café 8 oz makes iced latte as well as cold brew but it’s their malted version of the cold brew that’s interesting. They add a spoonful of malt extract to a glass full of cold brew, which is then topped with milk and ice cubes. The resulting brew is slightly sweet with a depth of distinctive caramelized flavour imparted by the malt. Really delicious!

Nitro cold brew at Paquebot Café

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Nitro coffee at Paquebot {photo © Paquebot}

Paquebot Café will be opening mid-june on Bélanger Street and is the first café in Montreal to serve iced coffee on tap, or nitro cold brew. The coffee is treated with nitrogen and pressurized then served on draught just like beer. And just like beer, this latest coffee trend is slightly effervescent and topped with a foamy head. I tasted a nitro cold brew on my last trip to New York and it is really interesting. I hope the Paquebot version will be just as interesting.

Cold brew PM at Café Parvis

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Cold brew PM at Café Parvis {photo © Café Parvis}

Café Parvis is a great oasis in the heart of downtown Montreal. They serve Dispatch Coffee’s cold brew but if you want to double up on that buzz, ask for the cold brew PM, a great concoction of chilled coffee with kirsch, dry curaçao, rye and orange zest added in. It’s served all day long, so no need to wait until cocktail hour.

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