It’s time for a new Current Crush post! Just a quick reminder that these “Current Crush” posts are here so I can share a few of my latest coups de cœur with you. Some of these spots may be new, some a bit more honed but they’re all fantastic and definitely worth a visit. Enjoy this edition and don’t forget to check out the others here!

1310 Maisonneuve East / 514 439 9969
Wednesday to Friday: 7am – 5pm / Saturday & Sunday: 9am – 3pm

brunch matine montreal © Will Travel for Food

Brunch at Ma’tine [photos by mrb404]

There was a general sense of disappointed surprise when the “family” behind Micro Resto La Famille let go of their old digs a few months ago. However, they are now back and better than never! The new space is so much bigger, which is not that hard considering the tiny Micro Resto could only seat 10 people. It boasts a long bar along one wall, a big communal table in the back and one of the biggest terrasses in the city. Great big windows on the west side stream in a beautiful light and the decor includes some great vintage pieces. The front window is dedicated to those beautiful, flaky pastries we loved to gorge on at the old Micro Resto. I can assure you that they are still as tasty and that you should definitely give the Bostock and the financiers a try. The cuisine is market-based, fresh and beautifully plated and the brunch dishes are as generous as they are delectable. My bacon and eggs with eggplants and a honey yogurt was the perfect combination of sweet, salty, creamy and crispy. An eggplant croquette and a poached egg rested on a thick slice of seared bacon. The richness if the dish was offset by the tangy and sweet yogurt and some seasoned arugula leaves. Great way to start the day!

Note that Ma’tine is open for breakfast during the week (closed on Monday), a rare thing in Montreal.


3027 Notre Dame West / 514 939 2825
Monday to Saturday: 7am – 5pm

buck15 espresso bar cafe montreal © Will Travel for Food

Latte and cinnamon sugar toast at Buck15 Espresso Bar

I loved discovering this brand new café in Saint-Henri. I don’t visit that neighbourhood very often but I will make sure to stop by Buck15 whenever I do from now on. Located on Notre-Dame street right near the Atwater Market, owner Roy makes you feel more than welcome in his fresh and luminous café. The angled space is minimal yet counts many great design accents, including a bold and colourful mural that takes up an entire wall. The beverage menu includes espresso-based drinks, pour over coffee, housemade cold brew, tea, lemonade, hot chocolate made with Mast Brothers chocolate (Roy knows the way to my heart!) and Boxed Water (because it’s better than bottled). The food menu is made up of a toast bar (yes, toast is the new croissant) which includes several toppings like cinnamon and sugar, Nutella, homemade jam or grilled cheese on bread from Boulangerie Guillaume or Hof Kelsten, two of my favourite bread makers in Montreal. Take a moment to sit down and enjoy your coffee and toast or do some work in this beautiful new café.

Buck15 Espresso Bar has been added to my map of Montreal’s best independent cafés. You can also follow my twitter list of Montreal independent cafés here.


271 St-Zotique West / 514 270 8000
Tuesday to Friday: 10am – Midnight / Saturday: 4pm – Midnight / Sunday: 10am – 3pm

restaurant manitoba mile ex montreal © Will Travel for Food

Berry, elderflower and goat milk yogurt at Manitoba

The Mile Ex (between the Mile End and Park Ex) is one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Montreal. It’s industrial yet boasts some beautiful residential projects and although it is still very quiet when it comes to restaurants, Manitoba just became one of the area’s very few dining spots. The industrial decor filled with natural elements is offset and softened by the inviting square of green lawn in the back where one can lounge, drink in hand. The menu is written on a few blackboards scattered around the restaurant and is based on local and foraged ingredients, for a “taste of the forest” in your plate. Brunch there is a low-key, family affair, with kids running around and a couple of musician serenading you.

Manitoba is open from 10am on weekdays and Sundays, which makes it a great spot to grab a late breakfast or lunch at any time (except Mondays).


6827 St-Dominique / 514 419 4448
Tuesday to Saturday: 5pm to 11pm / Thursday to Saturday: 12pm – 3pm

gema best pizza montreal © Will Travel for Food

Pizza at Pizzeria Gema

There has been a proliferation of pizzerias opening in Montreal as of late but I have a soft spot for this one. Maybe it’s because it’s just down the street from where I live. Maybe it’s because I know the chefs and owners Stefano Faita and Michele Forgione. Or maybe it’s because I was transported to Italy the second I took my first bite of their 1889 pizza (or Margherita pizza which was invented in 1889 in Napoli). The crust is absolute perfection, crispy yet chewy bottom, soft and moist top, covered in a perfect tomato sauce, not too sweet and not too acidic, a good amount of high quality mozarella cheese and a handful of basil leaves. Perfetto! There are also a few appetizers on the menu: seasonal “MJT” salads (inspired by Marché Jean Talon, which is just around the corner), perfectly crispy calamari and luscious arancini from a recipe by Stefano’s mother, Elena Faita, the quintessential Italian cook in Montreal. Don’t miss out on dessert, frozen custard dribbled with seasonal and classic toppings.

You can pick up your pizza to go from the take out window starting at 5pm on the nights the restaurant is open.


6896 Saint-Dominique / 514 564 3842
Tuesday to Saturday: 6pm – 11pm / Saturday & Sunday: 10am – 3pm

salmigondis restaurant little italy montreal © Will Travel for Food

Brunch at Salmigondis

I loved having brunch in the little, gem of a garden/terrasse in the back of this small restaurant, surrounded by the various potted herbs and vegetables which all end up finding their way onto your plate. The restaurant is beautifully designed with the open kitchen and coffee bar taking up an entire wall. Whimsical and surprising design accents are scattered throughout the space. Salmigondis (which means a mix of leftover meat or a disparate mélange) is from the owners of popular Arts Café in Montreal’s Mile End neighbourhood but is a few notches higher when it comes to cuisine, which is market based and uses quite a few foraged Quebec ingredients. My smoked mackerel was perfect and the plating absolutely gorgeous and although the accompanying cheesy polenta was very good, its richness overwhelmed the fish’s delicate taste and texture. The service was impeccable and I am looking forward to going back there to test the dinner service.


I have visited quite a few new (or new to me) cafés since my last Current Crush.

best cafe neve montreal © Will Travel for Food

Cortado and espresso at Café Névé Mile End

  • Flyjin Café
  • Oui mais non
  • L’artiste affamé
  • Café Névé Mile End
  • Café Larue et Fils Jarry

They have all been added to my map of Montreal’s best independent cafés. You can also follow my twitter list of Montreal independent cafés here.

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