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The Publican

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The award-winning design of The Publican

The Publican came very highly recommended by several people. It’s usually one of the first restaurants that pops in people’s minds when asked about the Chicago food scene. Since we were running out of evenings in Chicago, I decided to reserve there for brunch. Very wise decision indeed since the brunch was fun, delicious and very satisfying.

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Maple-glazed pork shoulder, sunny side up egg, grits, braised kale & pickled red onion

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Asparagus, gouda and saga omelette with Maine lobster

best waffles chicago © Will Travel for Food

Waffle with apricot and blueberry jam and honey butter

The Publican is located in Fulton Market, an industrial area on the west side of Chicago that seems to be transitioning into a residential area with a lot of loft conversions happening. It is a beer-focused restaurant from the same team as Avec and Blackbird, two other award-winning restaurants on the Chicago scene. The Publican is a very noisy place, the kind of place that would usually bug me but in this case, it was just part of the eatery’s dynamic, hipster vibe. The beautiful award-winning design and very high ceiling gives the space a sense of airiness. Try getting a seat at the long communal table that seats up to 100 people or in one of the isolated booths that are completely closed off to the outside world by high wood swinging doors. If you are feeling adventurous or lonely, the communal table makes for some very interesting conversations with strangers who are seated next to you 🙂

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The Publican’s front terrasse

The brunch menu is varied and contains more than just your average brunch fare. My lobster omelette was huge and must have contained at least 4 or 5 eggs, a ton of cheese and probably half a lobster! Too large for me to polish off but not large enough for me not to order dessert. Whatever you do, whether you go to The Publican for brunch or dinner, do not skip the waffles (they’re on the dessert menu at dinner). These are the airiest, lightest, yet crunchiest and softest waffles I have ever had! The batter is just so light, it melts in your mouth with a crunch. The honey butter and roasted apricots that come with it are divine and you will want to order another one…

The Publican
837 West Fulton Market
+1 312 733 9555

Opening Hours
Monday – Friday 3:30-10:30pm (11:30pm Friday)
Saturday 3:30 – 11:30pm
Sunday 5 – 10pm

Saturday 10am – 2pm
Sunday 10am – 2pm
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Longman & Eagle: eat, sleep, whiskey

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Longman & Eagle’s dining room

chicago brunch © Will Travel for Food

Longman & Eagle

It took us longer than expected to get to Longman & Eagle‘s by cab but had we known that there was a subway station right across the street from it, it might have taken less time. The first thing I noticed when I arrived to Longman & Eagle’s doorstep is the window sign that reads: Eat. Sleep. Whiskey. That’s the restaurant’s slogan and as you may have guessed, it’s a bit of a whiskey bar but it’s open all day (from 8am on) and also has a fabulous “farm to table, nose to tail ever-changing menu”. Don’t be surprised to see people having a whiskey shot with their morning coffee at Longman & Eagle; the restaurant offers 38 different whiskeys everyday!

chicago best fried chicken © Will Travel for Food

Fried chicken, waffles, sweet potato & pork belly hash, maple syrup

chicago best lunch © Will Travel for Food

Mac and cheese with confit cherry tomatoes

The decor is a mix of rustic and vintage, with a long bar and an open kitchen taking up one wall of the dining room. The crowd seemed to be comprised of regulars who lived in the neighbourhood and knew exactly while I was having a hard time choosing among the many breakfast and lunch offerings. I finally settled for a mac and cheese and Eve had the chicken and waffle, two most satisfying, comforting options.

longman and eagle chicago © Will Travel for Food

Longman & Eagle’s terrasse

In case you were wondering and since we’ve covered the two other parts, the “sleep” part in the Eat. Sleep. Whiskey. slogan refers to the 6 rooms Longman & Eagle has available for rent.

Longman & Eagle
2657 N Kedzie Ave
+1 773 276 7110 (no reservations)

Opening Hours
Monday – Friday 9am – 2am
Saturday 9am – 3am
Sunday 9am – 2am

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