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Patrice Pâtissier’s chocolate, cranberry and sesame bûche de Noël {photo © Patrice Pâtissier}

Making a yule log is a long winded–albeit rewarding–process. I used to make about a dozen bûches de Noël every year with my mom. We would start by making the logs and freezing them a couple of weeks before the holidays then we would assemble them as needed. It seemed as if we were baking génoise and whipping buttercream for weeks. If you don’t have the luxury of time or the talent of a pastry chef, these bûches de Noël are my favourites in Montreal and would be a great addition to your Christmas spreads.


Patrice Demers is one of the best pastry makers in Montreal and a trip to his beautiful pâtisserie in Little Burgundy is always a treat. This Holiday season, Patrice has three different flavours: a chocolate, cranberry and sesame one (gluten free), a hazelnut praline and Saint-Henri coffee one and a passion fruit and sweet clover one.

The 5 to 6 portion bûches are $32 and the 8 to 10 portion ones are $60. Make sure to reserve yours ahead of time because these beauties are made in limited quantities and disappear quickly. You can order yours fresh if it’s to be eaten within 24 hours, or frozen if you’re travelling with it or if you want to buy it ahead of time to avoid the Christmas madness of a last minute run.

My pick: the hazelnut praline and Saint-Henri coffee bûche with a hazelnut mousse, a rolled cake flavoured with Saint-Henri coffee, a milk chocolate and coffee ganache, a crispy praline and a moist hazelnut cake. I am also very intrigued by the chocolate, cranberry and sesame one since I love sesame.

Place your orders on this page.

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Pâtisserie Rhubarbe’s grapefruit and pistachio Christmas bûche {photo © Rhubarbe}


Another one of my favourite pastry shops in Montreal is adorable Pâtisserie Rhubarbe. The store is beautiful and their lemon tart is unbeatable. The other delights and the weekend brunch are also quite delectable.

This Holiday season, Rhubarbe is offering a few bûches flavours and shapes: a chocolate, coffee, mascarpone one with pears and cardamome, a pistachio, grapefruit one with rosemary and an olive oil mousse, an unconventional looking “tatin” bûche with apples, a ginger cake, a cheese mousse and a sea buckthorn crémeux and a rolled Elizabeth cake with date puree, caramel chantilly and coconut. Rhubarbe also sells lovely Christmas cookie boxes as we all as a choux à la crème Christmas tree!

My pick: the pistachio and grapefruit one sounds so delicious with its pistachio cake and crumble and its hints of rosemary and pink pepper as well as that olive oil mousse! 

Order yours online here or call them at 514 903 3395.

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The chocolate and vanilla log from Mlles Gâteaux {photo © Maxime Juneau}


Mlles Gâteaux is a couple of blocks from my place. The young owners are adorable and their carrot cake is the best one I’ve ever tasted. This Christmas, the Mlles are offering three flavours of bûches as well: a rolled chocolate and vanilla log with a light vanilla cream and chocolate ganache, a caramel and spice one with a caramel mousse, a wheat-free cake, a chocolate crémeux and a pain d’épices cake and a berry bûche with a berry mousse, white chocolate and raspberry financier. They also have a naked cake with a vanilla cake and a light raspberry cream that is perfect for the holidays.

My pick: the rolled chocolate and vanilla bûche reminds me so much of my mom’s that it has to be my pick!  

Order yours ahead of time by email at [email protected] or by phone at 514 903 6553.

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Baklava yule log from Montreal’s Andalos {photo © Andalos}


I just received an email about this and it looks so delicious that I had to include it. Who wouldn’t want a baklava Christmas log? I mean, look at this thing, it looks so crispy and delicious! Andalos makes 10 different flavors of logs from traditional flavours to unique ones such as profiteroles and this baklava log, which is “the first of its kind” according to them. I love baklava and this will definitely be on my list of Holiday desserts to try. What about you?

Order yours in person, by email at [email protected] or by phone at 514 838 9977.

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PIN IT! >> Montreal’s best bûches de Noël {photo © Pâtisserie Rhubarbe}

For more sweet treats, check out my Guide to Montreal’s best bakeries and pastry shops.

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