I don’t know about you but I always have a list of restaurants, cafés and lunch counters that I’d like to visit. Montreal being what it is these days, that list keeps getting longer and most of the time, I can’t keep up with all the new spot openings. I thought I’d share my list with you. Leave me a comment and let me know which establishment you’re most looking forward to trying soon.

Perles et Paddock

Griffintown-based Perles & Paddock has gained instant fame for its Instagram-worthy décor. The free-standing building used to host a garage but has since transformed into an establishment that serves great seasonal food, cocktails and wines. Brunches are also great and include a decadent chicken and waffles with foie gras.

Gaston restaurant

This BYOW bistro on lively Masson Street in Rosemont serves all your French classics in a lively ambiance. And don’t forget to Instagram their gorgeous tiles!

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The newly renovated Fairmount Queen Elizabeth Hotel recently opened with much fanfare. Its restaurant Rosélys is just as beautifully designed as the rest of the hotel has acquired much critical acclaim for its excellent service and its exquisite fine dining and artful plating.

Bistro Rosie

Foodies rejoice, the team behind much-missed La Famille and M’atine is back with a new establishment in Petite Patrie! Bistro Rosie is a neighbourhood bistro serving elevated comfort food dishes for dinner and Saturday brunch.


Pizza, wine and coffee is the concept behind this new restaurant by the Nora Gray gang. Chef Emma Cardarelli is behind the menu while partner Ryan Gray takes care of the wine list. The wood-burning pizza oven was built in Quebec and is at the center of Elena’s cuisine.

Le Bloomfield

From the owner of successful franchise SoupeSoup comes Le Bloomfield, a restaurant inspired by her taste in food and design. Located on Van Horne Avenue in Outremont, the cuisine includes simple comfort food dishes such as a Greek-style lamb, a burger and several dishes served with socca, a gluten free flatbread made with chickpeas. Their brunches are spectacular with the Jerusalem platter and the Turkish-style eggs at the top of the must-order dishes.

iberica spanish montreal restaurant © Will Travel for Food

Jamón ibérico at Montreal’s Ibérica restaurant {photo © Ibérica}


Experience Barcelona’s tapas life at this new downtown establishment envisioned by star designer Zebulon Perron. Small sharing dishes, Spanish wines, hearty stews are all on the menu. You’ll also be able to pick your fresh fish and your preferred cooking method for a custom-made dining experience. Read my friend Jeff’s review of it here and check out his gorgeous photos!

Mon Lapin

This new spot by the Joe Beef gang is not open yet but I am so looking forward to it, especially since it will be located in my neighbourhood. No more crossing the entire city to go eat at my fave Vin Papillon. They’re scheduled to open soon, probably within a month so stay tuned to their social media accounts and I’ll certainly write more about it later.

Café Denise

Update – June 2019: Anita Feng, one of my favourite Montreal chefs, is now behind the stove at Denise. Her Sichuan cuisine is spicy, elegant and unique in Montreal.

Denise is a café and a restaurant in the heart of ParkEx serving an affordable and modern Vietnamese-inspired cuisine, from banh mi, soups and salads for lunch to more elaborate grilled and stir fried specialties come night time. It has garnered great applause and I can’t wait to try it!

Dave Plant Food

Inspired by the over abundant Ottolenghi counters in London, Dave Plant aims to offer fresh and seasonal breakfast and lunch options for the Montreal crowd. From homemade pastries to generous salads and delicious sandwiches, this address is a must visit.


What happens when Charles-Antoine Crête, Cheryl Johnson, Jeffrey Finkelstein and designer Zébulon Perron collaborate on a project? Surprisingly, you get a clean, minimalist space that serves… salads. Yes, salads! Several combinations of shredded vegetables are served at this fast food spot, a haven for those of us who want to eat healthy, delicious food without compromising quality. Foodchain is vegetarian and has several vegan options.

Espace culinaire Fletcher

Located inside the Museum of Jewish Montreal, Espace culinaire Fletcher is open for breakfast and lunch and serves Montreal-style Jewish food as diverse as the Montreal Jewish community is. Try the bagel board with your choice of St Viateur or Fairmount bagels and homemade gravlax or any of the other specialties.

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Café Baba Yaga

The team from Old Montreal’s l’Orignal are behind this Eastern European 12-seater restaurant. Paczki (Polish doughnuts), pierogies, borscht and the popular cabbage rolls make this St-Henri location a favourite with the locals.

Petit Séoul

Doshirak anyone? The Korean lunch box idea is popular at this Mile End restaurant that specializes in traditional cuisine. Bibimbap, ramen, dumpings are also top picks when you’re in this trendy part of town.

Chinoiseries & Dumplings Cantine

This new downtown establishment by the owner of the Plateau’s Chinoiseries & Dumplings serves dumplings, yes, but also fresh fish, buns, noodle dishes and more.


Take a trip to the islands with this new Caribbean restaurant in the Mile End. Jerk pork, chicken and vegetables, patties, stewed peas, plantains and their popular cucumber salad make this family-run place inviting. Homemade sauces should not be missed.

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Kamehameha Snack Bar

Fancy a trip to Hawaii but don’t have the budget for it? Head to Kamehameha from the owners of Le Red Tiger and enjoy an island-soaked meal of  poké bowls, smoothies and ice cream in very Instragammable fish-shaped cones.

Bighi Curry

Update: Bighi Curry is now closed. Curry restaurants seem to be big in Montreal these days and this one’s no exception. Indian, Japanese and Thai curries are the focus at this new restaurant. There’s also a 7-course tasting menu available for those who want to try everything.

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