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Canadian Monday, the Marc Lepine edition {Photo © Atelier}

Starting December 3rd, Pastaga will welcome a different Canadian chef every few weeks for their Canadian Monday events.

Chef Martin Juneau of Pastaga decided to use his restaurant as a window to introduce some of Canada’s most talented chefs to our fair city. According to chef Juneau, Montreal is a great epicurean and inspirational city but it unfortunately lacks some openness towards the rest of the country, which is the main reason behind Canadian Monday. The Pastaga team will open up their kitchen and their dining room to these invited chefs who will have carte blanche when it comes to the running of each event. They will be able to decide on the menu, the wine list and the flow of “their” Canadian Monday.

canadian mondays pastaga montreal

Canadian Monday, the Marc Lepine edition {Photo © Atelier}

The first edition of Canadian Monday centers around Marc Lepine, winner of the 2012 Gold Medal Plate award and chef of the critically acclaimed Atelier in Ottawa. Chef Lepine will be creating a multi-course (6 to 8) tasting menu for the occasion in collaboration with Pastaga chefs Martin Juneau and Louis-Philippe Breton. The night promises to be exceptional, especially since it will also be Pastaga’s first year anniversary celebration!

canadian mondays marc lepine montreal

Canadian Monday, the Marc Lepine edition {Photo © Atelier}

The line-up of chefs for the upcoming Canadian Monday events is impressive and includes Jonathan Gushue (Langdon Hall), John Horne (Canoe), Jeremy Charles (Raymonds) and Quang Dang (West) all scheduled to make an appearance at Pastaga in the next few months. This is extremely exciting news for Montreal and its food lovers! It gives us a chance to discover some unbelievable talents from around the country and I, for one, will definitely be reserving my spot at these events, starting with the first one on December 3rd.


WherePastaga Restaurant, 6389 Saint Laurent Boulevard
When: December 3rd, 2012
What: The first Canadian Monday event AND a celebration of Pastaga’s first anniversary
Who: Guest chef Marc Lepine from Atelier in Ottawa
Cost: $70 for a multi-course (6 to 8) dinner

To reserve your table, call: 438 381 6389

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