Le Pourvoyeur festive pub

Le Pourvoyeur festive pub

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Le Pourvoyeur pub

A few weeks ago, I saw the intriguing sign of “Le Pourvoyeur: Pub festif et gourmand” go up a couple of blocks from my apartment. I’ve been living here for 5 years now and for 5 years I’ve been saying that we need a fun pub in the neighbourhood. To have a pub “gourmand” open was beyond what even I was asking for but here it is finally, the answer to my wish! Le Pourvoyeur is located on Jean-Talon street on one side but also has a terrasse inside the Jean-Talon market on the other side. If you can’t get a table on the covered terrasse, fret not, you can sit by the huge windows upstairs and have an unobstructed view of the market below.

Le Pourvoyeur trout gravlax

Salted water trout gravlax with Jameson whisky

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Vegetable hamburger with goat cheese

Bar Le Pourvoyeur montreal

Cheese plate

I was looking forward to trying the “gourmand” part of this affair and I finally got a chance this past Friday when I went there for a drink with the TELEGRAPHE girls. A couple of rosé and beer glasses later, we were ready to  dive into the food. The menu is eclectic and contains a variety of small plates, from olives to trout gravlax to smallish hamburgers. We opted for the salted water trout gravlax with Jameson whisky, some olives and cornichons, a cheese platter and a vegetable hamburger with goat cheese. The food might not be mind-blowing but it’s much better than your average pub food and the atmosphere more than makes up for it.

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Le Pourvoyeur bar Montreal

Le Pourvoyeur's terrasse on the side of the Jean-Talon market

Le Pourvoyeur is fun, it’s festive and best of all, it’s 2 blocks away from where I live! So next time you’re at the Jean-Talon market, take a break from your shopping and have a cold one on their sunny terrasse!

Le Pourvoyeur

184 Jean-Talon East
514 277 5858

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