This edition of Current Crush is all about summer and the neighbourhood where I live in Montreal. So many new places have opened around here lately and most of them are summery places where I know I’ll be spending a lot of time this season. Just a quick reminder that these “Current Crush” posts are here so I can share a few of my latest coups de cœur with you. Enjoy this edition and don’t forget to check out the others here!

43 Beaubien Street East
Thursday to Sunday until 10pm

best ice cream montreal © Will Travel for Food

Blueberry & cream cone at Monsieur Crémeux

My favourite ice cream truck now has a brick-and-mortar address and it’s within walking distance from where I live! In addition to their now-famous soft serve with mouth watering toppings (pretzels & caramel or cracker jack anyone?), Monsieur Crémeux now serves several flavours of artisanal ice cream, milkshakes and ice cream sandwiches in the cutest, pastel-shaded store on hip Beaubien Street. The flavours range from your true and tested favourites to original ones like toasted bagel cheesecake with bagel crumble. Pastry chef Erin Creed is behind the unique and delicious touches at Monsieur Crémeux, including buttermilk biscuits baked fresh on weekends and which you can fill with your favourite scoops.


29 Beaubien Street East / 514 439 8747

montreal best wine bar © Will Travel for Food

Wine for sale at Cul Sec

Seems like Beaubien Street is the place to be this summer. From chefs Martin Juneau and Louis-Philippe Breton of Pastaga and the above mentioned Monsieur Crémeux, comes Cul Sec, a cool wine bar where you can purchase and take home a carefully curated collection of privately imported wines, provided you buy one of their pre-prepared meals to be enjoyed on site or at home. It’s not such a bad deal since the food is prepared just around the corner by restaurant Pastaga’s team. The wine collection at Cul Sec will have a predilection for funky, natural and bio-dynamic wines (although not all wines will be natural).


7901 Henri Julien / 514 507 8700
Monday to Sunday: 11am – 8pm

best porchetta sandwich montreal © Will Travel for Food

A special porchetta sandwich with foie gras and a fried egg at Le cochon caché {photo @hungry_ella}

Meat, bread, serve. That’s what a traditional porchetta sandwich consists of, which means that both meat and bread have to be great in order for the sandwich to shine. Porchetta consists of rolling deboned pork meat with herbs and garlic and roasting it slowly. The meat is then sliced and served in sandwich form. Porchetta sandwiches are the ubiquitous street food at every festival across the Italian peninsula. Le cochon caché, a tiny spot on Villeray street with a few stools, has made it its mission to serve the best Italian porchetta sandwich in town. They also serve porchetta poutine and pizza al taglio (by the slice). On special occasions, a porchetta sandwich with foie gras, a fried egg and salsa verde makes its way onto the (secret) menu so word of advise, if you want to try it, ask if it’s available.


69 St-Zotique Street East
Monday to Sunday: 7am – 7pm

best italian pastry cafe montreal © Will Travel for Food

Latte and a flaky sfogliatelle at San Gennaro

From the team behond Pizzeria Bottega comes this typical Italian café that’s been highly anticipated. San Gennaro serves coffee, of course, but also a slew of Italian pastries and great Roman-style pizza al taglio (as opposed to Bottega that serves Neapolitan-style pizza, read my article on pizza here). I’ve been there a few times already and have tasted the incredibly flaky sfogliatelle, the crispy and creamy bombolone (Italian doughnuts) filled with pastry cream, the great lattes and of course, the pizze. My favourite to date has been the one with Swiss chard and anchovies. If it’s on the menu when you go, order it, you won’t regret it.


334 De Castlenau Street East
Sunday to Wednesday: 12pm – 9pm / Thursday to Saturday: 12pm to 10pm

montreal best ice cream © Will Travel for Food

A classic cone of vanilla and chocolate ice cream at Les givrés

Rated as one of the best artisan ice cream purveyors in Montreal, this beloved Saint-Denis spot has opened a second location a stone-throw away from my front door, on De Castlenau street. Everything is made on site using natural and local ingredients, including the cones! The fesh fruit sorbets and soft serve change according to the seasons. I can’t decide what my favourite product is among the creamy ice cream, luscious soft serve or delicious ice cream sandwiches.


337 De Castlenau Street West / 514 691 3675
Tuesday & Wednesday: 9h – 5pm / Thursday to Saturday: 9am – 6pm

best flower shop montreal © Will Travel for Food

Garçon Fleur delivers your flower by bike!

This entry is not exactly food related but is just as pleasurable. Garçon Fleur has been operating without a fixed address for the past year or so but has just now opened up a cute shop on De Castlenau (across the street from Les Givrés described above!). This most beloved ecological and bicycle-powered flower delivery service brings wild flowers to the ones you love. Their bouquets–supplemented by their very own small wild flower garden–are fresh, gorgeous and seasonal. Flower workshops around a casual communal brunch will be taking place in the store. On Saturdays, get the added option of having fresh croissants delivered with your flowers from local pastry shop Mlles Gâteaux.


232 De Castlenau Street West / 514 805 8331
Tuesday to Friday: 11am – 6:30pm / Saturday & Sunday: 11am – 5pm

best sandwich shop villeray montreal © Will Travel for Food

A pulled pork and cheese sandwich at Crackpot

… or more precisely, Crackpot: plats mijotés et magasin général, which describes this new spot perfectly. At Crackpot, you can enjoy a great sandwich on site or buy a prepared meal to take home. Meals include staples like lasagna, meatballs, and other stews, casseroles and homemade meals with lighter dishes in the works for the summer. Everything is made on site before your eyes and packaged sous vide. The store also sells some products from local companies.

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