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Holiday gift ideas for the food & travel lover on your list

Here’s Part 2 of my holiday gift guide for the food and travel lover on your list from more of my favourite food and travel bloggers. I’d love to hear what your favourite gift ideas are so don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments below.

In case you missed Part 1 from some of my favourite food and travel bloggers, cookbook authors and recipe developers, head this way.


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Christelle’s picks for great gifts

Christelle is the writer behind the successful French blog Christelle is Flabbergasting. She’s also a very talented food stylist, food photographer and cookbook author. Her book Ensemble is inspired by her Middle-Eastern background and makes a great Holiday gift (it’s in French). Here’s what she had to say:

“Dear Santa, my wish list includes the Olympus OMD-EM1 camera so I can take great photos while travelling light. And I would need a nice strap to go with that camera, and a great bag to carry it all!

Otherwise, I also have my eye on these gorgeous plates by Clay Kat or any one of these by Henri Street Studio.”



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Marie’s suggestions on what to gift for the Holidays

Marie is a food blogger based in Quebec city. She’s the founder of Food Nouveau where she develops recipes, is a great food styler and photographer and writes great ebooks. She’s also an avid traveller and here are her recommendations:

“Alright so one foodie, inexpensive gift idea: Top quality sea salt. Many people don’t realize the extraordinary difference good salt can make in their cooking. Regular table salt tastes harsh, almost abrasive; sea salt highlights flavors and makes everything better. My favorite sea salt is Fleur de sel de Guérande (France), which has a nice crunch and a soft, subtle flavor I find perfect to season anything and everything from meat to salads to chocolate chip cookies. Buying top quality sea salt can feel like an indulgence, so that’s why I think it makes for a great, yet inexpensive gift for the cooks on your list. I also often bring sea salt back home from my trips; I just brought the most amazing diamond-shaped salt from Sweden, which looks spectacular on desserts. A really tasty find!

On my wishlist: I can’t cook or work or travel without music. My good old iPhone earbuds work fine, but the cable annoys me more and more, especially when I’m active. It tends to get stuck everywhere–I just hate when the buds get yanked out of my ears! I also have noise-cancelling earphones for travel, but lately, I’ve found myself leaving them at home most of the time because they’re bulky to carry around. I’ve long been waiting for quality wireless earbuds, and Apple is finally coming to the rescue: their soon-to-be-released AirPods are at the very top of my holiday wishlist. I know the sound quality will be good, and the technology too (no battery-draining Bluetooth, thank you).”



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Janice’s picks for sweet Holiday gifts

Janice is a recipe developper, a food stylist and photographer and a great baker who just happens to also have a PhD in Chemistry. She’s also my partner in my other endeavour, the SAISONS seasonal dinners.  Janice loves her popcorn so she asked for cheddar popcorn from Garrett. She also loves maple syrup and although she has a never ending supply of this liquid gold, the syrup “matured in single-use bourbon oak barrels from Kentucky” from 1769 Distillery seems like a splurge and is the perfect gift to give or receive for the holidays. I’ve actually tasted this once and it is remarkable! And, of course, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a new baking book and Janice’s pick for this year is The Vanilla Bean Baking Book.

Janice always gifts some of her delicious homemade cookies since she’s constantly baking and trying new recipes. What makes a better gift than homemade baked goods?


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The FEAST ladies choice for a great Holiday gift

Lindsay and Dana are the co-creators of the food and travel blog FEAST: An Edible Road Trip. We’ve never actually met but these Canadian ladies were the winners for the SAVEUR Blog Awards in 2014, the same year I was nominated for that same award the first time around. Here’s what Lindsay had to say:

“I have one pick to send along for now—it’s one of our favourite things to give and receive! Mellifera Honey is based out of Vancouver, and not only is the honey amazing, but it’s also packaged so beautifully. You can order online, she does gift boxes, and she’ll even do little custom bottles for weddings. Our #1 is the cardamom!”



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Gabi and Nico’s ideas for great food and travel gifts

Winner of the Saveur Blog Awards in 2015, The Funnelogy Channel is where you can follow Gabi and Nico through their travelling adventures and understanding the world through food. Here’s what they had to say:

“Always Books, Books, Books, depending on the person.

A good friend of mine in Italy just started her own local food company in Sicily and they have Christmas baskets which you can send. We’ve already ordered a few for relatives, our favourite is the Stromboli Basket which includes a Panettone, pistachio cream, orange marmalade and orange nougat, all from Sicily. Yum.

I love to give and receive subscriptions, it is like the gift that never stops giving! Lucky Peach is still a fave for foodies and The Cleaver Quarterly was perfect for Chinese food lovers, though they are only online now. A subscription to Short Stack Editions is great, beautifully designed recipe books showcasing one ingredient at a time.

For cooks:
I would love to have a set of these Cabrillo glasses from Heidi’s QuitoKeeto, ever since I saw them I’ve been thinking how magical they look for the holidays or a summer’s eve. These copper mini moulds or these Heirloom Cake Stands for baking.

For travellers:
For the creative traveler, a mini travel set of watercolours to record what they see. Moleskin Journals never ever get old, I could collect them and fill them all in with travel and daily thoughts.

A plane ticket or trip! That’s always nice to receive, one can dream big.”


And here are my picks for this year. Don’t forget to check out the extensive post I wrote last year with tons of great ideas that are still valid.

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My picks for gifts for the food and travel lover on your list

I always love receiving cookbooks or any books that are food or travel centric. My favourite books this year include Dalí’s Les dîners de Gala (a surreal meal if ever there was one), Grape Olive Pig (one of my favourite books of the year), Anthony Bourdain’s new Appetites: A Cookbook, Florentine, Taste of Persia and so many others. Not really in the book category but Monocle has a whole new series of beautiful travel guides that would be an asset to any traveller. And I just discovered Miroslav Sasek who illustrated gorgeous guides (for kids) in the 60s and 70s. They were reissued a few years ago and they are just beautiful! I would love to add them to my library.

Stocking stuffers
Gift certificates to favourite restaurants or travel vouchers are always appreciated.

A Wine Skin for the wine lover on your list. They won’t take up room in your suitcase but will come in handy when travelling back home with that favourite bottle of Chianti.

A camping towel that will not take up a lot of space in a suitcase and will dry quite quickly.

iTunes gift card to purchase that much needed travel app or some food and travel digital editions of your favourite magazines

I like taking food tours in cities I’m visiting. They’re always so informative and filled with delectable anecdotes. So tickets to a food or culture tour in your town or in a town your recipient will be visiting soon are always nice.

Coffee lover travel gear aeropress/on the go coffee press cup
If you read this blog, you already know that I am a coffee lover. I sometimes travel to destinations where no good coffee is available, like the South African bush or the mountains of Peru. Whether you decide to offer a classic Aeropress or a full travel kit from Blue Bottle or a Bodum travel press, all these options would make a great addition to any traveller’s

Travel inspired jewelry
Go to Etsy and do a search for “travel” then click on jewelry in the left hand column. I particularly like this world map necklace, these airplane ones or this cute silver bracelet.

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