Montreal's sustainable micro coffee roasters

Montreal’s sustainable micro coffee roasters {photo © Rodrigo Flores}

I’ve recently written an article detailing the new crop of micro and nano coffee roasting entities making waves around the Montreal coffee scene. Independent cafés have been on the Montreal stage for a few years now and have been multiplying at a much faster rate than I can keep up with. These cafés and the philosophy behind them–sustainability, sourcing, precision, etc.–have brought about a desire to control the entire process, and not just the very end of it when the beans are ground and brewed.


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Most of Montreal’s local roasters purchase their beans at the source by visiting producers or buying from private importers or cooperatives when it’s not possible to buy directly. The entire roasting process is controlled down to the most minute increment. This includes measuring the ambient humidity and roasting time, picking the right packaging and more, while constantly taste testing and roasting micro (or even nano) batches at a time for more rigour. Any small change can make a big impact on the final product: the cup in the customer’s hands.


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Environmentally conscious roasting

What I discovered while writing my article on Montreal’s best roasters, is that it goes beyond just finding the best techniques or acquiring the best technology. Yes, roasting coffee beans is becoming a trend in the Montreal coffee scene but what’s more fascinating is the incredible lengths these roasters will go to to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Here are some of the ways these roasters are staying green:

  • Reducing waste by repurposing and selling cascara, the dried coffee cherry that is often discarded but that makes an excellent tea or addition to drinks;
  • Delivering coffee locally only to reduce travelling;
  • Delivering coffee by bike on the island of Montreal;
  • Using a co-roasting facility instead of buying individual roasters;
  • Encouraging farmers that farm organically and practice biodiversity;
  • Committing to sustainable purchasing from coops that help coffee growers;
  • Using compostable bags or selling coffee beans by weight to people bringing their own containers;
  • Working with growers on building a sustainable future for coffee.

These actions are taking place in Montreal but are also reflective of the entire country. They may be a trend right now but they will hopefully become the norm and will help the coffee we all love and enjoy survive the increasing demands and climate change, which are looking ominous for the plant and the people who harvest it.


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This article was written in partnership with Host Milano. I will be attending this big hospitality event in Milan from October 18-22 where I’ll be checking everything that’s new and trendy in the world of pizza, baked goods, coffee, gelato and more! You can follow me on my Instagram for my daily reporting. In the meantime, follow the #HostMilano and #bemyhost hashtags on social media.

Wanna know where to get a great cup of coffee in Montreal? Check out my map of Montreal’s best independent cafés.

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