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Terroir’s outstanding food program {photo © Rick O’Brien}

It’s Terroir’s 10th anniversary this year! So exciting! Terroir Symposium is one of my favourite yearly events and this will be the fourth edition I attend. The day-long conference is a great gathering of some of the world’s best food and beverage leaders, including chefs, authors, food stylists and photographers, farmers, fishermen, sommeliers, wine makers and more. Every year, I always come away inspired and awe-struck by the speakers’ generosity, humbleness and passion. If you are in the food industry or just a passionate food lover, the annual gathering at Terroir Hospitality is not to be missed. The educational aspect, networking opportunity and meeting of like minded people is absolutely invaluable and a reminder that we are not alone and that working together and sharing resources can only result in a stronger community.

“Our tenth Terroir Symposium, will be a gathering of dreamers, disruptors and international luminaries
in the world of food. We’re exploring artistic and technological ingenuity in every aspect of hospitality.”

This year’s theme–Art, Culture and Technology–will explore innovative dining concepts, new food technologies and cutting edge concepts from around the world as well as the inclusion of art and culture in gastronomy. Terroir 10 will host conferences, workshops, art exhibits and installations and meet and greets. And let’s not forget about Terroir’s food program, which is just delicious and which I look forward to almost as much as the presenters. Breakfast, lunch and many snacks are offered all day long. The lunch program is curated by Ivy Knight–founder of food website Swallow Daily–and Jasmine Baker, of catering company For the Love of Food, and features several guest chefs including Amanda Cohen from NYC’s Dirt Candy among many others. The Art Gallery of Ontario‘s Renee Bellefeuille and Momofuku Noodle Bar will be making breakfast, which will include a breakfast ramen!

I am so looking forward to celebrating Terroir’s 10th anniversary and am especially thrilled to have the chance to listen to these speakers:

Carolyn Phillips, a great food writer and Chinese food expert who’s been published in Lucky Peach, Gastronomica, Buzzfeed, Alimentum, Huffington Post, Food52 and who blogs at Madame Huang’s Kitchen.

Anissa Helou, a cookbook author, food historian, chef and teacher whose book Lebanese Cuisine is my bible whenever I need to look up a recipe and cook up a taste of home.

Mark Best who will be talking about new Australian cuisine of which he has become an ambassador.

Nicolas Rohl, a Japanese cuisine expert and filmmaker; what a cool combo!

Francois Chartier, the sommelier extraordinaire whose wine and food harmonies using science and culinary knowledge have become legendary.

terroir symposium food event toronto © Will Travel for Food

Looking forward to Terroir 10’s absolutely fabulous food {photo © Rick O’Brien}


Terroir Hospitality: Art, Culture and Technology

Monday, April 25th, 2016
7 a.m. – 6 p.m.

The Art Gallery of Ontario
317 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON M5T 1G4

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