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Ferran Adrià's conference in Montreal

“elBulli is not Ferran Adria, it’s not a cuisine, it’s a spirit, a freedom, a philosophy that’s changed cooking” – Ferran Adrià

I had the privilege of being able to attend a conference given by Ferran Adrià this past Wednesday right here in Montreal. It was originally directed at the students of the Quebec Tourism and Hotel Management Institute (ITHQ) but when word got out that Ferran Adrià was coming to town, requests started pouring in from every person working in or within the food industry in Montreal, including members of the press.

As you may recall, I have already interviewed Ferran Adrià’s brother Albert this past summer while I was in Barcelona. It was as inspiring listening to Chef Ferran Adrià addressing the students this past Wednesday. I was struck by how humble he is. Chef Adrià came armed with some amazingly interesting videos, of which I am sharing 3 with you here today. The one of the last service of elBulli on July 31, 2011 is so emotional that I shed a tear for a place I’d never even been to and would never have the opportunity to experience… Unfortunately, the videos are in French since that’s the language he gave the conference in.

Ferran Adrià explains the elBulli foundation

Ferran Adrià: Cooking as a language

elBulli’s very last service on July 31, 2011

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