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Julieta Cuisine Latine

Yes, “Latina” cuisine, not Peruvian or Argentinian or Venezuelan or Colombian but all of these and more, including Brazil. Why? Because the two owners of this new, tiny, 28-seat restaurant in the heart of the Petite Patrie neighbourhood in Montreal, Julieta Moros and Giselle Ruiz, believe that they are Latinas first, Venezuelan second. Julieta Moros – who is at the helm of Julieta’s kitchen – has worked in the kitchens of Mario Navarette Jr and Olive & Gourmando among others before opening this tiny restaurant.

I visited the newly opened restaurant on its second day of operation and was happily surprised that the food was absolutely delicious for such a new establishment. Everything is made on site by Julieta, using corn flour only so there’s not one speck of gluten used for all you gluten-sensitive people out there. The menu is eclectic and spans the many different Latin American cuisines as well as containing some original “Julieta” dishes. The concept is to “rescue” and bring back some forgotten dishes and reassign them to their respective countries in order to better understand the different Latina cuisines. Really though, no need to delve that deeply into the philosophy of things, just enjoy the fresh, creative dishes that are a pleasure to look at as well as to taste. The short yet well thought out menu will take you on a flavour-packed trip through Latin America and put some sunshine on your plate.

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Colombian 3 potato soup with chicken, capers, avocado, corn and cream

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The delicious Julieta salmon ceviche

peruvian restaurant montreal julieta © Will Travel for Food

Julieta’s take on the cachapa, a Venezuelan dish made with a corn pancake, huitlacoche (Mexican mushrooms), poblano peppers, smoked cheese and shrimps

peruvian restaurant julieta montreal © Will Travel for Food

Lomo saltado: a Peruvian dish made with beef, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, soya sauce and amarillo (Peruvian chilis)

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Dessert: pumpkin, sweet potato, pineapple syrup, pumpkin seeds and lulo (a tropical fruit) sorbet – Different and delicious!

I am looking forward to many more dinners at this tiny restaurant, as well as weekend brunches!

Read my review of brunch at Julieta here.

Julieta Cuisine Latine
67 Rue Beaubien East
514 507 5517

Monday: 5pm – 10pm
Thursday – Saturday: 5pm – 10pm

Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 2:30pm
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