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My new passport!

Rome –> Caiazzo
215 kms / 2.5 hours
Lunch: Autogrill / Dinner: Pepe in Grani
Accommodation: Pepe in Grani


This first post was supposed to be coming to you from Caiazzo, my first stop on my way to Puglia and home to Pepe in Grani, a restaurant lauded to have the best pizza in Italy (and thus, the world). However, I am still in Montreal. They wouldn’t let me on the plane last night because my passport expires less than 3 month after my return date. Did you know about this European law? I sure didn’t.

And so I was left behind and I am writing you this while waiting for my emergency new passport to be made. I had to purchase another one-way ticket for tonight and pay an extra fee to get my passport done quickly. If you are travelling this summer, make sure to check out this website about the rules and regulations of the country you’re visiting. Some countries require 6 months of passport validity otherwise they will send you right back.

I’m trying to make the most of this day and to stay positive. This delay just means that I will have to skip Caiazzo, Pepe in Grani and their great pizza unfortunately and that my first day in Italy will be a long drive from Rome to Gallipoli, the first town I’ll be visiting in Puglia. I am looking forward to hitting the road.

I did send an emissary to Pepe in Grani and he sent back some photos with this comment (which I trust): best Neapolitan pizza he’s ever had. The dough is soft and airy and the toppings fresh and local. The setting also seems to be beautiful. I will make it there some day!

If you’re planning on visiting Pepe in Grani, please note that reservations are highly recommended ever day except Saturdays when it’s only walk-ins. They take up to 250 reservations a day then it’s a waiting list after that. They have two rooms available for rent and it’s really your best option in Caiazzo.

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Pizza at Pepe in Grani in Caiazzo: Alletterata / Parmigiana / Nero Casertano / Margherita Sbagliata {photo mrb404}

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Accommodation at Pepe in Grani in Caiazzo {photo mrb404}

pepe in grani best pizza italy © Will Travel for Food

Pizza fritta and crocchè (mashed potatoes and egg croquettes) {photo mrb404}

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