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Beautiful Gargano park {photo mrb404}

Polignano a Mare –> Peschici
250 kms / 4 hours 10 minutes
Stops: Andria / Mattinata / Vieste
Lunch: Caseificio Asseliti e Da Fato / Dinner: Al Trabucco da Mimi / Snacks: way too many caffè leccesi
Accommodation: Il Barone del Mare


We’ve been driving around Puglia for the last 6 days, past some of the Italy’s most gorgeous beaches and ragged cliffs that dive straight into turquoise transparent waters. I feel like I haven’t put aside enough beach time so we decided to go on a boat ride around Polignano a Mare’s coast for some cave diving. If you ever decide to do the same, Dorino Contento is your man. He will tell you stories about all the caves around Polignano and all the fish and jelly fish in the sea. There’s nothing like taking a dip in the turquoise blue waters of a cave. I had done it while on the Amalfi coast a couple of years ago and I loved doing it again.

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View of Polignano a Mare from our boat

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Cave diving in Polignano a Mare

Puglia is where burrata cheese was invented and the town of Andria is its birthplace. Most restaurants are closed for lunch which we found out when we called Il Turacciolo to inquire about their opening hours. The owner, a lovely man, gave us precise directions to Caseificio Asseliti e Da Fato where he assured us we would find the best burrata in town. Lunch was a picnic with some of the region’s best fresh cheeses including scamozza, fresh bocconcini stuffed with stracciatella made à la minute in front of us, ricotta salata, bocconcini stuffed with prosciutto and, of course, some Pugliese taralli. Best lunch ever.

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Best burrata in Puglia in Andria, the birth place of burrata

Our next stop was Peschici but the fun part about that was driving through the Gargano park, located at Puglia’s northernmost end. It juts out into the sea and forms the “spur” of Puglia, Italy’s heel. It counts several peaks and dozens of beaches filled with vacationers. The sinuous drive through the park is beautiful. It’s covered in pine forests and high peaks and we were constantly surprised by the breathtaking vistas into the blinding white cliffs and azure waters below. It’s definitely worth the detour.

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Beautiful drive through Gargano park {photo mrb404}

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