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A version of this article was first written for Tourisme Montréal

The 2019 edition of the Rogers Cup tennis tournament has descended once again upon Montreal, and more specifically, upon my neighbourhood. From August 3 to 11, the best male tennis players will be competing at Parc Jarry’s IGA Stadium. Crowds of tennis lovers will be heading to Villeray and the Mile Ex to watch the games and since you might want to know where to fuel up while you’re in this trendy part of town, below is a list of my favourite establishments. It is my neighbourhood after all, so listen up!

5 to 10-minute walk

Basterd restaurant © Will Travel for Food

Basterd is one of the closest restaurants to the Rogers Cup tennis courts


Basterd is an eco-friendly restaurant that aims at fighting food waste by using “ugly” fruit and vegetables in their seasonally driven cuisine. It’s equipped with an Instagram-ready interior and a sunny terrasse facing Parc Jarry and is the closest restaurant to the Rogers Cup.

Dépanneur Le Pick Up

Head to his charming convenience store slash snack bar for their excellent burgers, grilled halloumi sandwiches and loveliest sun-drenched terrasse. You can also grab an excellent cup of coffee and a little sweet snack. It’s one of my favourite spots in the Mile Ex!

Jiep Jiep

Jiep Jiep is an Asian food counter whose minimalism is reminiscent of a Hong Kong eatery. The rotating menu features daily specials hailing from different parts of Asia with a penchant for Korean cuisine.

10 to 15-minute walk


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Le Petit Alep

Le Petit Alep serves an authentic Syrian cuisine from Aleppo. Their food is fresh and full of flavour. Try the fattoush salad, the spicy kebab terbialy or a delicious mazza spread. I have lunch or diner here at least once a week so say hi if you run into me!

Restaurant Tapeo

Tapeo is a great neighbourhood restaurant that also happens to be one of the best restaurants in Montreal. The delectable authentic Spanish tapas and the excellent and friendly service make Tapeo a great spot to have dinner. Reservations are recommended.


By the owners of Tapeo comes Mesón, a casual neighbourhood bistro serving Spanish-inspired comfort food in a gorgeous decor. Whether you decide on dinner or weekend brunch, this spot will surely surprise and satisfy you. Reservations are recommended.


Intimate and cozy, Moccione serves excellent market-driven Italian dishes that include homemade pastas and exquisite sauces along with an outstanding wine list. It’s the perfect stop before or after a Rogers Cup game.


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Comptoir Sainte Cécile

Comptoir Sainte Cécile is a charismatic establishment that’s at once a refined convenience store, lunch and brunch counter and take out spot with a serious collection of Quebec wines and ciders. It’s the perfect place to grab a gourmet sandwich or a delightful brunch on the sunny terrasse.

15 to 20-minute walk

Café Denise's Sichuan cuisine © Will Travel for Food

Café Denise’s Sichuan cuisine

Café Denise

Chef Anita Feng’s unique Sichuan cuisine shines at Café Denise, an intimate and cozy spot where you’ll be happy to tuck into a plate of spicy goodness.

Dinette Triple Crown

Dinette Triple Crown takes care of all your Southern comfort food needs. Get some of the best fried chicken and brisket in town to enjoy at the park across the street or at Parc Jarry before heading to your Rogers Cup game.


Impasto is one of the best authentic Italian restaurants in Montreal and it just happens to be a few blocks away from the tennis courts. Indulge in luscious pasta dishes and delectable homemade salumi as well as great desserts. It’s open for lunch on Thursdays and Fridays.

Rôtisserie Panama

A most beloved Greek tavern, Rôtisserie Panama is a Park Ex institution that serves a variety of meze and grilled specialties such as lamb chops, octopus and more.


The intricate ceiling light fixture that spans the entire length of the room dominates Bar-St-Denis’s stunning décor. The menu counts some elevated bar fare such as a burger and chicken nuggets but it also serves gems such lamb tartare topped with fattoush.


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Épicerie Pumpui

A cozy and self-serving spot, Pumpui dishes out some of the best Thai-inspired curries in Montreal. The green curry, fried chicken wings (the best in town!) and papaya salad are some of my favourites.

Pizzeria Gema

One of the best pizzerias in Montreal is a few minutes away from the tennis courts, and it comes with a convenient take out window where you can order your favourite pie as well as one of their decadent frozen custards.


If you love Vietnamese food, head to chic Cafeden where you can feast on green papaya salad, pho and more specialties in an elegant décor or on their charming terrasse. Their green papaya salad is my favourite!

Bottega / San Gennaro

Bottega and its next-door, sister restaurant San Gennaro are both great to grab a pizza, Neapolitan-style with a glass of wine at Bottega and Roman-style with a pulled espresso at San Gennaro.


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Vin Mon Lapin

From the Joe Beef group comes the latest little wine bar, Vin Mon Lapin. Expect a seasonal and regional cuisine, a beautiful natural wine list and great service.

Chez Tousignant

If you’re a fan of burgers and poutines, head to Chez Tousignant for some of the best in Montreal. Everything is homemade, including the hot dogs and buns.

Le Mile Ex

Le Mile Ex was one of the first restaurants to have set up shop in the up-and-coming Mile Ex neighbourhood years ago. Enjoy their streetfood menu rooted in French techniques and inspired by seafood. Open for lunch on week days.


Manitoba hyper regional cuisine is always a great adventure in discovering some of Québec’s edible wilds and unique cultivated produce. Manitoba is open for lunch Thursdays and Fridays.

Longer than 20 minutes


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Restaurant Gus

This “little steakhouse with big flavours” serves some of the best meat and seafood in town. I’m addicted to their Caesar salad and their grilled bavette. Don’t leave without having a slice of their rich chocolate cake with cream cheese and Baileys icing.


An excellent wine bar, Cul Sec is the place to go to buy bottles of natural or biodynamic wine to go or to drink on site accompanied by delicious food in a great ambiance.

Le Diplomate

Le Diplomate is a cozy and intimate restaurant designed around a long bar that facilitates conversations with the kitchen staff. The menu consists of seasonal small plates to share and a great wine list.


Lou is a charming diminutive restaurant serving a simple menu of sliders, salads, small plates and homemade desserts as well as oysters and wines by the glass to be enjoyed on their colourful terrasse.

Restaurant Beau Mont

This latest establishment by the Toqué! family doesn’t veer far from its siblings. Beau Mont serves a market cuisine that features seasonal and local produce while highlighting each ingredient’s traceability. As with all of chef Normand Laprise’s restaurants, Beau Mont champions Quebec’s small producers and food artisans.

Sweet treats!

les givres best ice cream villeray montreal © Will Travel for Food

Les Givrés’ ice cream is one of the best in Montreal

If the temperatures are soaring and you’re in the mood for some ice cream, head to Les Givrés on De Castelnau Street or Havre aux glaces at the Jean-Talon Market. For cake and pastry lovers, head to Mlles Gâteaux or Le Pain dans les voiles to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Fuel up!


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Café Larue

Whether you’re arriving in Villeray via the Jarry, Jean-Talon or De Castelnau metro stations, there is a café Larue nearby to keep you well caffeinated throughout your Rogers Cup marathons.

Café Vito 

An Italian-style café located a block east of Parc Jarry, Vito will make you feel like you’re part of the extended family while serving you an excellent espresso.

Café Ferlucci

A tiny but mighty café with great iced coffee, Italian-style sandwiches and the friendliest service.

Dispatch Coffee

Dispatch Coffee’s roasting facility is located in the Mile Ex. You can try their excellent beans at the store front café equipped with a terrasse.

Café Saint-Henri

This Montreal coffee institution recently moved its roasting facilities to the Mile Ex. Eat and fuel up at this location or at their Jean Talon Market one.

Bars and breweries


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Brasserie Harricana

A microbrewery and a restaurant, Harricana opens from noon until 2am every day. Their house craft beers are a must and their burgers and brunches are delicious!


Inspired by German biergartens, Alexandraplatz is a seasonal gathering point for the Mile Ex trendy folk who head there for a glass of natural wine and “parking lot sunsets”.

Vices & Versa

This popular neighbourhood bar and restaurant serves over 40 different kinds of draft beers along with a menu that includes several vegan options.

Miss Villeray

A neighbourhood bar that’s been open since the 1960s, Miss Villeray is a great spot to grab a drink and a bite and get to know some of the locals before or after your Rogers Cup tennis match.

Guided tours of Montreal's Jean Talon Market with a food writer © Will Travel for Food

Local Quebec berries at Montreal’s Jean-Talon Market

Don’t forget to visit the Jean-Talon Market while you’re at the Rogers Cup; it’s an absolute mecca for all food lovers! Read all about it in this article I wrote.

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