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The colourful market displays are so beautiful

This city boasts several farmers markets but Montreal’s Jean-Talon Market is a couple of blocks from my place and holds a special place in my heart. It is my corner store whether I need something as simple as milk and bread or more specialized ingredients. In the summer, I often go there for a daily walk among the colourful aisles of seasonal and local Quebec fruits and vegetables. It is often the inspiration behind simple lunches or more sophisticated dinners. From pumpkins and apples in the fall to Christmas trees during the holiday season to flowers and herbs in the spring and fresh vegetables in the summer, it’s one of my favourite places in Montreal. You can get great artisanal bread, amazing spices and olive oils, baked goods, luscious cheeses, fresh fish and seafood, beautiful meat, sausages and charcuteries, fine chocolate, coffee and wine, among other goodies. The fall is my favourite season at the market. Harvest in all its glorious colours, smells and textures is in full swing right now and I fall (pun intended) under its charm every time I visit. I thought I’d share a few photos of the Jean-Talon Market in the hopes they will inspire you to visit and fall in love with this very special place. And don’t forget to also check my article on what’s new this season at the Jean-Talon Market.

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Zucchini and zucchini blossoms

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Great tacos are just one of the many delicious ready-to-eat options at the Jean Talon Market

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Colourful pumpkins

marche-jean-talon-montreal © Will Travel for Food

Quebec strawberries are the best!

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The next best thing if you can’t pick your own

jean-talon-market-montreal © Will Travel for Food

Rhubarb and strawberries : what grows together, goes together

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Fresh oysters at La boîte aux huîtres

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Did you know that most of the world’s cranberries come from Quebec?

birri-brothers-jean-talon-market © Will Travel for Food

Gorgeous garlic seeds

best-quebec-produce-jean-talon-market © Will Travel for Food

Heirloom tomatoes at the Birri Brothers’ stand

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Jewels of summer

what-to-eat-jean-talon-market © Will Travel for Food

The fritti mist (fried seafood and fish) at Aqua Mare makes for a great snack

best-market-montreal © Will Travel for Food


best-flower-shop-montreal © Will Travel for Food

Gorgeous spring flowers

best-farmers-market-montreal © Will Travel for Food

Harvest season yields gorgeous eggplants

best-coffee-shop-montreal © Will Travel for Food

Great coffee at Café Saint-Henri

best-charcuterie-jean-talon-market-montreal © Will Travel for Food

Les cochons tout ronds makes the best charcuteries!

best-artisanal-bakery-montreal © Will Travel for Food

Joe la croûte’s bread is heavenly

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Fall in love with the Jean-Talon Market

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