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Spice Station Montreal – Photo by Nabil El Khayal

There are certain places that just inspire you. It’s almost as if there was something in the walls of the space or the air that day that just make you smile and want to share your discovery with everyone. That’s exactly what I felt like when I walked into Spice Station. It does help that the store smells heavenly of far away exotic places and that its charming owner, Peter, is truly passionate about his line of work. Designed with reclaimed wood and former pallets as display shelves, the little store feels airy and spacious despite its size. It also feels as if it’s been there forever, despite only being opened since June. This is Spice Station’s third location, the other two being in the Los Angeles area. Peter is originally from Montreal and I am guessing from my chat with him that he missed the snow and bitter cold dearly and decided on Montreal when he was looking for a third location (I am, of course, being completely sarcastic).

© Will Travel for Food

Peter Bahlawanian, the charming owner – Photo by Nabil El Khayal

Montreal spice store © Will Travel for Food

Row upon row of spices – Photo by Nabil El Khayal

There are over 400 spices and at least 100 different teas at Spice Station. All the spices are all-natural, irradiation and preservatives-free as well as carefully and personally chosen by Peter, his wife Bronwen and their team. The store is filled with little jars of “samplers” which you can open and smell to your heart’s content. If you’re anything like me, this will be an awesome game to play! Take a whiff of the special spice blends designed by the house, like the absolutely intoxicating Berbere or Harissa blends. When you settle on something, Peter will fill up a little pouch of fresh spices for you (minimum purchase is 1 oz). Need it ground? No problem, they can grind it in house and on the spot. Feeling adventurous? Ask for one of the special house spice blends and inquire on how to use it in your kitchen!

épices Montreal © Will Travel for Food

Photo by Nabil El Khayal

One very special product that you will not find anywhere else in the city is the collection of very interesting infused sugars. Through a very precise and specific process, the sugars are infused with delicious flavours like strawberries, coconut, coffee or jalapeño, to list but a few. My mind was racing with ideas on how to use these very aromatic sugars in my baking.

Spice Station also offers spice gift sets which you can customize to your own liking. Whether you decide to offer a set of salts from the 40 different ones available, a set of spices to suit a specific cuisine or a hot chocolate kit, I am guessing it will make a fantastic gift for any food lover.

Spice Station
174A Bernard Street West
+1 514 274 1514

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