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quebec-lobster-fishing © Will Travel for Food

I visited Quebec’s Îles de la Madeleine last June. I had wanted to visit for years and was very much looking forward to chilling on the charming islands for close to a week, enjoying some of the best lobster in the world, walking along the immense deserted beaches and taking in the unbelievable beauty all …

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Îles de la Madeleine | Will Travel for Food

This past June, I spent a magical week exploring Quebec’s Îles de la Madeleine or Magdalen Islands. I am in the process of writing several articles on that beautiful trip that include a little guide to all there is to see and to eat (hint: lots of lobster!) on that little stretch of land in …

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best-spa-quebec-balnea © Will Travel for Food

Every time I go to Balnea Spa, I wonder why I don’t go more often. Located in Bromont in the Eastern Townships, Balnea is my favourite spa around Montreal and only about an hour’s drive from downtown. You may recall that I was on the jury for Balnea’s Été des chefs competition last summer. The friendly cooking …

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battuto-restaurant-quebec-city © Will Travel for Food

The name of this blog took its full meaning last weekend when I travelled to Quebec City for less than 24 hours and specifically to eat at Battuto. Aimee, Janice and I met up with Quebec-based Marie, Catherine and Véronique to enjoy dinner at enRoute Magazine’s best new restaurant for 2017. We had actually made the …

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Confession: I have an uncontrollable fear of bees. I panic and can’t think straight and yet I am completely fascinated by them and don’t want to hurt them. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to confront my phobia head on by visiting Miels d’Anicet (aka bee central) up in the Hautes Laurentides in the hopes of overcoming …

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